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New Buyers

New Buyers

Thank you for using Hardy & Hayes Termite Certification & Treatment Company.  Below is information designed to help you understand what the inspection was about and other help you may need regarding insects and pest prevention?   

  1. The Pest Identification Sheet shows the 4 wood destroying insects that the inspector initially looked for (1) Carpenter Ants, (2) Termites, (3) Re-Infesting Beetles and (4) Carpenter Bees.  We have put together this sheet as a guide line for you once you move into your new home. If you see any of the insects shown on the Pest Identification Sheet please call our office immediately. See "services" for details.


  1. The Pest Blow (roaches, ants, spiders, mice, crickets…) offer is a special offer during your real estate transaction. This is best used when. the home is empty (before you move in).  We would treat from top to bottom for pest. There are 2 more treatments left which you can use anytime within the year. See "services" for details. 
  1. Please take time to read the back of your termite report (Wood Destroying Insect report).  It is full a good ideas to help protect your home against termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and reinfesting beetles.

Make sure your home’s foundation is as dry as possible.  Check all water sources and make sure they are directed away from your home. Use extensions See below for details : Extensions for downspouts. The air conditioner water drain pipe out side direct that water away from the house too.  Make sure you water spiket is not dripping water.

If you have any questions regarding your Wood Destroying Insect report please call Hardy and Hayes Termite Certification and Treatment Company at 240-455-6814  we are open 24/7 for our customer’s convenience.

Good Luck!










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